Micromatic, LLC

Micromatic, LLC

Micromatic is a growth-oriented company engineering and delivering custom industrial products to a global marketplace. As a premier manufacturer of world-class rotary actuators and automated assembly equipment, their products include pistons, connecting rods, wrist-pins, and more. Micromatic offers high-speed automatic and lower-volume semi-automatic assembly machines for combustion assemblies.

With headquarters in Berne, Indiana, their 110,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities spans 10 acres with origins dating back to 1929.


  • Engineering and manufacturing of world-class Rotatac © Hyd-ro-ac© Rotary Actuators
  • Manufactruing of Micro-Precision © Automated Systems
  • Design, engineering and manufacturing of hydraulic and pneumatic and automated assembly equipment

Required Skills

  • CNC Machinists with programming experience
  • Engineers with project management and design experience
  • PLC Experience

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