Machine Trades

Machine Trades (Precision Machine Technology)

South Adams High School

5782 Precision Machine Technology Level 1 begins preparing students for the Machining, Tool & Die, and Mold Making industries. Classroom and hands-on experience provide the job entry skills needed for numerous areas in virtually every industry worldwide, including but not limited to: Automotive, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Electronics, Industrial Automation, Medical, and Farming. Precision Machine Technology is a project oriented class, with classroom activities intended to reinforce skills and safety used in today’s high paying, high security careers. Class projects begin with a simple "drill gage" which reinforces the basics in safety, measurement, basic shop math, print reading, bench work, and attention to detail. Projects build step by step in complexity to increase skills necessary for each student to complete his/her own multi-part assembly.

5784 Precision Machine Technology Level 2 involves students in Designing, Engineering, Machining, and Assembling their very own project in a team environment. They manufacture the project in the shop, using skills learned in the Precision Machine Technology Level 1 class along with building new skills to prepare students for the workplace, tech schools, and/or 4-year schools.

Students may participate only in the Precision Machine Technology Level 1, but a minimum of two levels of the program is recommended.

5238 / 5894 Precision Machine Technology Level 3 and Level 4 will be geared to a student’s needs for more advanced in-school training, College dual credit, or On-The-Job training experience. (must be pre-approved by guidance and instructor)

Mechanical background in Applied Math, Drafting, Computer Technology, and Metals is recommended but not required.

The Precision Machine Technology program focuses on preparing students for careers such as Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Programmers, CNC Machinist, Machinist, Tool & Die Maker, Mold Maker, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Industrial Maintenance, Draftsman, Designer, Welder, Industrial Management, and Automotive Technician.

In all levels, there will be an emphasis on problem-solving skills as students work on assigned projects. Aspects of applied chemistry, physics, algebra, geometry and trigonometry will be incorporated in all sections, but previous knowledge of these areas is not required for entrance into the classes.

Opportunities are also available for students to participate in student and professional organizations such as Skills USA, The Machinists’ Group of Northeast Indiana and the INTMA (Indiana - National Tooling and Machining Association)

For more information go to the Precision Machine Technology website:

  • Suggested Grade Levels: 10, 11 & 12 (Grade 9 with Recommendation from Grade 8 Teachers AND approved by Instructor and High School Guidance Department)
  • Full year course
  • Meets Elective Requirements for:
    • General Diploma
    • CORE 40 Diploma
    • CORE 40 with TECHNICAL HONORS Diploma
    • CORE 40 with ACADEMICS HONORS Diploma
  • Prerequisites:
    • Precision Machine Technology Level 1 – 90% attendance or better for previous year of school
    • Precision Machine Technology Level 2, 3, and 4 – Must meet 2 of the following
    • Year-long average of 75% or higher during previous level
    • Attendance of 90% or Higher during previous level
    • Instructor approval
  • College credit: Vincennes University (9 credits possible during Junior and Senior years)