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For Students

Our goal is to help you thrive. We want to help you discover a career you love, receive hands-on experience in an advanced trade, and earn an impressive income while you do it. We provide you the resources you need to start discovering your future.

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A Tool For Your Future

We are a gateway to landing you an advanced career upon graduating high school. We do all the work when it comes to finding the right local manufacture for you, letting them know how much you should earn, providing the skills and classes you need, and more.

And don't worry, we'll prepare you for success when it comes to the application and interview process. Through various resources and coaching, we'll provide you everything you need to walk out of that interview with confidence.

So why should you join AWMA?

Whats in it for you, right? There are many benefits as to why a career path in a skilled trade can bring you out on top.

Jump Start

Entering a skilled trade route while still in high school gets you ahead of the game. You can graduate with legit experience, money in the bank, and a path to nailing down an advanced career. In the meantime, your friends are going into debt applying for loans to enter four more years of school, often having no idea what to major in.

Job Availability

There is a massive demand for skilled trade workers, and our programs develop top candidates. This means that you can be pretty sure of nailing down a career right away, already four years ahead of most of your peers.


You don't have to travel far to gain your education and professional experience. You can work and learn right here in your already-established community.


See For Yourself

Curious to see what your environment would look like?

Each of our CTE classes has the opportunity to get a first-hand glance at our local manufacture's pristine, advanced, clean facilities. Even if you're not in a CTE class, contact us and we can get you set up to tour your organizations of interest.

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I’m going to have a skill set that will made me employable for the rest of my life.


Check out these free resources to help you prepare for your career path.


51 Interview Questions to Ask

It is a golden rule that you ALWAYS have prepared questions for any interview. Check out this list of possible questions to ask at your next interview. Remember that they're not just interviewing you, you're interviewing them! Don't forget to bring along copies of your resume, a notepad, and pen!

Interview questions

31 Commonly Asked Interview Questions

What are they going to ask you? This list of common interview questions can help you prepare for your next interview. Run through these and decide how you would appropriately answer each one and you will be set!

Careers Suited To Your Personality

Have no idea where to start? Take a vocation test to get some ideas of what types of careers would suit your personality, interests, and skills.

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  1. Take the personality test

  2. Write down the first 4 letters of the personality type you scored for future reference (Example: ESTJ)

  3. Explore this link to find popular careers for your personality (explore traits, careers, and more)

  4. If you're a Harry Potter fan, see if your personality aligns with your Harry Potter House

Ready to Jumpstart Your Career Path?

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