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For Schools

What Should You Know?

As someone with daily influence over the students of today, you are uniquely positioned to provide resources and answer questions about college alternatives. Amidst the heart of midwest manufacturing firms, you have the ability to shed light on these opportunities that provide tuition assistance and hands on experience.

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Students are being asked earlier and earlier the daunting question: "What do you want to do for the rest of your life?"

This is a question that many adults don't even have the answer to, let alone a high school student! AWMA exists to educate students on college alternatives without the pressure of knowing their 5 or 10 year plan. With freedom to move around within the manufacturing industry based on skill set and interest, choosing an internship, apprenticeship, or entry-level job with one of our AWMA members is the perfect start for students to learn what they're interested in.


For Teachers

As a teacher, you not only want what's best for your students while they're in your care, but for years to come after they leave those hallowed halls of high school. You may well know, but students learn at different paces and thrive with different learning styles—you adapt to meet their learning needs. In a similar way, not all students go on to follow the same 4-year post graduate path. As their teacher, you have an opportunity to share college alternatives that can set students up for success.

AWMA is a free resource that is catered toward students interested in skilled trades. We can work together to connect them to internships, externships, job shadowing opportunities, job openings, and more. Help your students find a manufacturing apprenticeship today.

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For Coaches

Watching students train as athletes gives you a front row seat to see skills develop, exponential growth occur, and a sense of teamwork set in. All of these qualities are what's needed to succeed in a skilled trade job. As some of your athletes consider what path to pursue after graduating high school, consider sharing alternatives to college such as jobs in the manufacturing industry. Many local manufacturing companies offer apprenticeships, entry-level jobs, and even tuition assistance programs for students wanting to work and learn at the same time.

As a coach, you have significant influence with your athletes, and coaching your students toward a brighter future is what they need.


For Counselors

While some students have a 10-year-plan in place by the time senior year sets in, there is often just as many students who are unsure what the future holds. As you inevitably bump into students who show little interest in college or further education after high school, directing students to AWMA is an excellent alternative. With well-paying jobs, clean facilities, and opportunities to gain hands-on experience, AWMA provides the perfect "playground" for students to determine what CTE classes they should be taking, field trips they should attend, and ultimately, what course of life they should travel down.

As a guidance counselor, you can speak into this alternative route and help students realize the validity and importance of a manufacturing career.

Invite AWMA to Your School

One of the best ways to educate students on skilled trade jobs in the area is to allow them the opportunity to hear from AWMA. We have presentations on how to prepare for an interview, career planning, and CTE classes. These presentations typically include a panel of people from several of our AWMA members to elaborate and answer questions.

AWMA can show up in your school in a variety of ways. Whether it's a booth with information set up during a lunch hour, a school-wide speaking engagement in an auditorium, or an individualized seminar with a specific classroom, we can tailor our presentation to the unique needs of your students.

If you're interested in having an AWMA member speak at your school, feel free to submit our request form with some information and we would love to be in touch!

Invite AWMA to Your School

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