For parents

For Parents

We want to see your student learn, grow, and thrive. Our manufacturing facilities provide advanced, technical, competitive-pay career paths that immediately get your student ahead.

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Get Ready for Your Student to Thrive

We are a gateway for your child to transition from high school into an advanced career path. We come along side you and your student to help them learn who they are and what they love so that we can find the appropriate placement at a local manufacturer for them to start gaining hands-on experience and learning in order to ready himself or herself for the future.

We are committed to educating parents on the ever-growing and evolving manufacturing industry that provides thriving, growing, advanced career paths in clean, professional environments. At AWMA, our goal is for students to land progressive career paths right out of high school with no debt, a career they love, and ample room to grow and advance their profession.

As soon as you add relevance, you make the math more meaningful.

Doug Hunt | Manufacturing Instructor at Southern Wells

I’m going to have a skill set that will made me employable for the rest of my life.

Brandon Burnworth | Huntington North graduate

What You Can Look Forward To

Enjoy the benefits of supporting your student as they spearhead their way into a secured, bright future.

Contributing to Your Community

Enjoy watching your student join in serving the same community as you. Your student does not have to move far away for four years, they can begin a flourishing, independent life right here in your community.

Financial Freedom

Enjoy skipping the process of applying for financial aid and filling out loan applications. Your student can enter an advanced career with no debt, money in the bank, and a competitive salary right out of the gate.

Opportunity for Advancement

Once your student enters their manufacturing career, your student has ample room to learn new skills, grow their capabilities, and advance in the company being promoted to higher titles and increased salaries.

Ready to help guide your student's bright future?

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