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In the skilled trade field, there is a massive need for millennials and generation z to fill the positions that baby boomers are currently holding. Aside from mass job openings, there is always a need for metal fabricators, welders, plumbers, carpenters, and more. Because trades are always in demand, there’s always going to be an opportunity and job security.

This is one myth that is heard over and over again in this industry. AWMA wants to help students and parents understand that manufacturers are breaking these myths every day with state-of-the-art facilities, temperature-controlled buildings, and organized shop floors.

For Students

Not only are you able to earn a great living, but you will be fulfilling a growing need our society has for these jobs. AWMA focuses on skilled trades within the manufacturing industry. These jobs include electricians, mechanics, machinists, welders, carpenters, as well as plumbers and pipefitters. All of these jobs are important to a functioning society.

We understand that some students know they want to go the college route, we are speaking to the students that are unsure of the path they are wanting to take. It is important for students to know that college isn’t their only option. A skilled trade job can prepare students for a great career while saving them a lot of money.

A lot of times, you can start working WHILE you are in high school. You can get internships, summer jobs, or part-time positions if you know you have an interest in a specific trade. Once you graduate high school, you can be hired as a full-time employee with benefits. You are able to instantly start earning money and get hands-on training without going into debt from student loans.

This is where AWMA can step in. We are an alliance of local manufacturers and people that have a passion for manufacturing and keeping the industry alive with skilled workers locally. We can help match your areas of interest with a career at a local manufacturing company. We can also help you set up job shadowing opportunities as well as tour facilities.

There are many Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes available at local high schools but each skilled trade benefits from certain types of classes. For example, if you are interested in construction, you may want to pick up some extra math courses. AWMA can help you figure out which classes you should be asking your counselor about and when you should be taking them.

Although women only make up about 5% of skilled tradespeople, there are many reasons why women who have an interest in skilled trades should pursue this career.

Some reasons include being a trendsetter, breaking stereotypes, and paving the way for other women who are interested in a skilled trade.

The hands-on work and learning experiences start during your first day of work. You will be working on real shop floors and working towards bettering your skills to advance your career.

For Members

As a member of the Adams Wells Manufacturing Alliance, your company will be talked about to high school students, parents, and educators within the community. Your company will also be invited to participate in panels and job fairs as well as give you the opportunity to interact directly with students interested in this field. The alliance will also help your company push out any type of content that needs to be shared like job listings, company news, and announcements. To learn more, visit our Become a Member page.