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With many students in and out of your classroom throughout the day, there is a wide variety of interests seen in each of them. Teachers are faced with the difficult task of trying to connect with each and every student they have. For some students, they look at high school as the step before college while others are looking for different paths. As teachers, you are given the unique opportunity to help guide students towards the best path for them. Below are seven questions to help start the conversation and get students thinking about their future.

What subjects interest you the most?

As students go through school, they find some subjects more interesting than others. If you find that a student shows more interest in hands-on activities or math, pursuing a trade could be a good path for him or her.

What are your feelings about continuing your education?

Although a college or skilled trade path requires more education after high school, how your students feel about continuing their education could determine their decision. A bachelor's degree requires 4 years while a trade school program takes 1-2 years.

What type of financial resources are available to you?

Oftentimes students pursuing the college route are required to take out loans to afford the college they attend. While colleges offer scholarships, skilled trades give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their trade while getting paid.

Do you enjoy classroom work?

Not every student enjoys classroom work or the classroom environment. Many students may prefer an environment outside of the classroom with project-based, hands-on work.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of school?

The activities a student chooses to do outside of school may directly reflect his or her interests. For example, one student may choose to read while another may choose to build something with their hands.

Do you have anyone you aspire to be, career-wise?

For many students, they have someone in their life that they inspire to be like. For example, a student could aspire to be like his or her father who works as an electrician, or perhaps admire his or her long line of relatives who pursued careers in law.

Do you prefer a flexible or set schedule?

By the time your students reach the end of their high school years, they should have a good idea of whether they prefer a flexible or set schedule. Trade schools offer hands-on experience as well as online and in-person classes. The variety of education methods can make the trade school path more flexible than a four-year college path.

If you have a student that is showing interest in attending a trade school or pursuing an internship in manufacturing, the Adams Wells Manufacturing Alliance is a resource they could take advantage of. Contact the alliance today!
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