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Community Impact of Manufacturing

The Adam Wells Manufacturing Alliance is filled with many companies that make an effort to give back to the area they are located in. Learn more about how these companies and others like them help to give back to the people in their community.

Creating Job Opportunities in the Community

The manufacturing industry offers a diverse range of opportunities for smaller communities that previously didn’t have a need for these positions. Not only are positions like welders, machinists, electricians, and assemblers needed but designers, engineers, and researchers are also hired. For those looking to enter the manufacturing industry, they are able to come on in an entry-level position and learn about the different areas through programs like an apprenticeship.

Helping the Youth of the Community

Many manufacturing companies make it an effort to give back to the community they are located in. Companies are offering opportunities for students like scholarships, summer jobs, internships, and job shadowing. These opportunities help young adults to get the help and experience they need to enter the workforce ready. While in school, many students aren’t exposed to these types of experiences. These opportunities provide students new interests to explore.

Providing the Community with Needed Products

Having a manufacturing company in a community that can provide products that are needed there or in the surrounding areas is very important. It keeps costs low for those buying and also allows for the money to remain in the community.

Helping Young Adults Choose Their Career Path

For many students going through high school, they are faced with a difficult decision on how they would like to move forward with their education. College is often the most talked-about option but manufacturing companies are making it a point to help educate students on other career paths, such as skilled trades. For example, a member of the alliance (Hoosier Pattern) donated a 3D printer to a local high school to help educate students on alternate, advanced trades.

Keeping the Environment in Mind

Local manufacturing companies care not only about the people in the community but the environment as well. Members of the Manufacturing Alliance work hard to minimize their footprint on the environment. This includes recycling used materials like sand, plastics, and metals.

If you are interested in getting involved in manufacturing, contact the Adam Wells Manufacturing Alliance. Our team can help you get the internship or apprenticeship you need to enter the manufacturing workforce.
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