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Are you ready to take your seat at the Member table and join us in building the backbone of America? Skilled trade jobs are in high demand, and telling parents and students about this unique college alternative is just one way craft the narrative and stack the deck with capable and equipped young adults.

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The AWMA exists to educate students, parents, and teachers in our communities about skilled trade jobs in the manufacturing industry.

Not only is manufacturing a solid post-grad path to pursue—in many ways it may even set students up to achieve success quicker than a traditional college route.

For starters, many of these students would join your team as students in hopes of full-time employment at a later date. This allows you to provide all the training and coaching needed while they're still in school so by the time employment comes around, they can jump right in.

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We know one size doesn't fit all, and we don't want to box you into a membership that depletes your resources or causes you to overcommit your time beyond what's realistic. We do, however, want you to join us and stay in the loop!

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If you are even considering joining the alliance, you are already well aware of the many benefits this career path has in store (which means we don't need to spend time convincing you). However, are you aware of the benefits awaiting you by joining the alliance? Let's take a look.

Advocate for Trade Jobs

Your investment in a membership with AWMA goes much further than you think. In addition to providing students with helpful resources regarding trade skill jobs, you'll also:

Build Awareness

Build awareness and engagement for teachers and parents regarding opportunities available in a skilled trade

Promote Your Company

Speak on behalf of manufacturing at schools, show off your facility with tours and interviews, and generate social media and community engagement

Develop Skilled Workers

Develop individuals into skilled tradespeople who could become assets to your team

My driving force for being here in the classroom is as an employer. I don’t feel that we are getting quality kids in the technical fields. Maybe I could have a positive influence to get better students involved in this as a career choice.

Kevin Morris, Norwell instructor | Auto Technology